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  • Primary logo design

    Includes seven full color + BW logo formats. This is the main logo representation for your brand.

  • brand identity

    A Design Guide that identifies the various logo formats that represent your brand, color palette, typography and graphic details. This is basically a go-to reference that ensures brand consistency for all types of marketing collateral.

  • Font & Typeface Licensing

    Any fonts/typefaces that are purchased for the final logo, and/or supporting brand identity assets, are subject to commercial licensing laws. A font/typeface licenses gives only the owner full rights to use the font/typeface as necessary. If during the project I feel that a commercial font/typeface is appropriate for the development of your logo and brand identity, I will convey this to you at that time, and a license must be purchased/ and/or registered to you before the project is finalized. It is against the law for me to provide any client a ‘copy’ of any font/typeface that I own, and have personally purchased.

  • Color palette

    A custom color chart including CMYK, RGB, Pantone and Hex color identification for each.

  • Graphic Accents

    Patterns + graphic details to apply to collateral material, website, banner ads, etc.

  • sub-mark

    I will include abbreviated display formats of the primary logo. These will offer display options as well as provide a simplified version of your brand for display where the full logo design isn’t necessary.

KMD is recognized as a top Beer Logo Design Company on DesignRush

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