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Pre-made Website: What does that mean?

Well, it’s exactly what it says… but I could fully understand that just doesn’t translate OR you have a lot of unanswered questions!


This is the first and often most important detail: a pre-made website is less than half the price of a full custom website. As a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”, I think that although it’s not free (much like other template-based websites …cough*Wix*, a pre-made website offers the same value as a Full Custom Website + Development project, valued at $5,500. Think of pre-made as the first step to your online presence. You gotta start somewhere right… and insider tip: the lifespan of your domain (website address) and actual website online, is a VERY big part of how you’ll get found on Google. 


Pre-made websites utilize a very cool feature that enables almost anyone (yes, even you), to login to your WordPress website, navigate to pages that are already designed & delivered as part of the pre-made website purchase, and edit content – text & images in almost infinite ways. There are many step-by-step instructions available online and the best part: once we’re connected through your new pre-made website purchase, I can continue to help you develop a website that fulfills all of your hopes & dreams.


The number one challenge faced during every website project I’ve ever worked on has been supplying content. Website Designer bias aside, I believe it’s a requirement that almost every type of business has some kind of an online presence. Websites add validation, important details, contact information and an invaluable first impression that can’t always be presented to every customer or client. So yes, that’s the obvious part. The not so obvious is what to say, where and how? This kind of challenge is always made greater by working from a blank canvas… where do you start? 

A pre-made website offers pre-defined pages with content blocks and text prompts that allow you to easily work through a process to fully articulate what needs to be said for your business. Every purchase of a pre-made website kicks off with a detailed Google form that walks you through every area of the new website, providing guidance and opportunity to customize an entirely new template that represents your business ultimately YOUR new website!

So, now are you ready?