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meaningful goods

This logo package was transformed into an incredible brand for moksha.goods. The biggest highlight is that the custom design included jewelry packaging for a special edition of moksha dedicated to Lily, a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and now angel. 

Lily’s life positively affected all those who met her. When she was 6 weeks pregnant, Lily was diagnosed with two life threatening illnesses – PNH and Aplastic Anemia. Although doctors strongly advised her not to move forward with her pregnancy, she chose to risk her life to bring a beautiful boy into this world. She continued to fight her illnesses, eventually needing a bone marrow transplant and unfortunately due to complications following, her life was taken too soon.

This stone was picked for Lily because it embodies the love that is Lily. A portion of all profits made from this piece will go to a charity chosen by Lily’s family.