Step 1: Website Design

Domain Registration

What’s your www?

When it comes to establishing a new online presence, your first priority should be the domain name. This is your website address / url, and ideally your ustom email address.

Although you can register multiple domains and even change your domain name over time, this is the first presentation of your organization and a key element that you want to link with Google. This is your first step to successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Domain Registration is most commonly an annual fee that you pay based on a renewal payment – approx. $15/yr.

To register a new domain – go to: – Bluehost is my preferred referral for both Website Domain + Website Hosting (see below). Here you can search domains that fit your business and are available for purchase. 
For a more unique domain option try:

Website Hosting

Make it visible!

Website Hosting is a monthly fee paid to a web host in order to connect your registered domain to the worldwide web (www). This is the part of your website that enables a new website design and email to exist as part of your newly registered domain.

Hosting accounts are commonly paid monthly with low startup prices that increase commonly after the first 36 months. 

Web Host Referral

I recommend Bluehost + full disclosure: I have an affiliate account with this organization… meaning your signup sends a little cash my way. Feel free to research alternative Website Hosting options – there are MANY to choose from. The key thing you want to look for is 24/7 tech support, preferably through online chat. If your website is down on Christmas morning, it’s pretty handy to reach out to your website host for support.
NOTE: A new hosting account with Bluehost includes a FREE domain.
To create a new Bluehost Website Hosting account with 1 FREE domain, click the logo above of click here: 
From here, follow steps to set up a VERY basic, lowest priced options. We can always add-on to your account once the account has been established. 
If this is the early stage of our work together, feel free to send all of your login credentials & I’ll take it from here!