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I do ~ just let me know what you have in mind! I can help with everything from print collateral (business cards, stickers & such) all the way to magazine page layout + design.

It varies. I consider every project custom in itself, in that you may have different wants + needs when it comes to your brand, and especially a website. Branding projects are around 4 to 6 weeks, while websites can be 8 to 10 weeks start to finish. This is part of the preliminary information we’ll work through before even starting your project.

One of my favorite questions & I absolutely love working with clients after their initial branding project is completed! Whether it’s packaging, stationery, email marketing, or anything else, I’d love nothing more than to join forces. Just shoot me an email and I can provide a quote!
Key factors to consider include understanding the target audience, defining goals and objectives, creating a visually appealing and intuitive layout, ensuring compatibility across devices and browsers, optimizing for speed and performance, and implementing user-friendly navigation and functionality.