My priority is to create unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade design elements that cohesively blend together to establish something that is so much more than just a logo–your Brand Identity.

The style, voice and impression that these elements deliver is a harmonious visual translation of you connecting one-on-one with every client. The family of design elements that represent your business are cohesive in style enough that they’re easily recognized as the “logo” for your business. The advantage of a complete body of work is that the diversity of design, format, simplicity—extends your marketing efforts for all print and digital mediums.


Approximately 4 weeks, from start to finish


After your initial inquiry, my first priority is to gather a complete understanding of your project. Through an introduction phase we’ll identify your needs, wants, find out if I’m the right person for the job, outline a potential project along with cost + timeline.

Design begins with a process to define visual details–through your likes / dislikes, goals and vision for your business, I’ll create a Design Guide that establishes a foundation for your new brand. This design direction will be the basis of our communication and ultimately transform into a finalized Logo / Brand Identity.

Beyond the value that I set out to deliver as a finalized brand that will lay the foundation of success for your business, it’s my priority to make it feel like you’re getting exactly what you paid for, if not more. And as soon as you’re ready, we’ll establish a Commitment Agreement. A formal outline with 30% booking deposit will lock you into my calendar and guarantee my time + attention to you and your project. I’ll send you complete information to better define expectations, as well as our communication process, billing details and exactly what you can expect from me & when.

This step marks the beginning of our design phase where we communicate using examples within a Design Guide. In order to have the best understanding of your vision, goals and overall requirements for your business, I’ll present a multi-stage process utilizing a visual guide to present examples and ideas so that we’re on the same page. Your approval moves me into the design stage where I’ll create and present your initial concept for review.

Once you’ve had a chance to review in your own way, we’ll connect by phone (or zoom) to talk through likes / dislikes and identify a set of changes that will carry your design to the next level. This process will be repeated a second time and from there, we move towards final review. 

Final review with approval means time to launch!! All deliverables for your project will be sent by way of Dropbox link. These will include your complete Logo / Brand Identity design, multiple file types for future marketing + production, along with your finalize Brand Guide outlining all details of our collaboration to define your new brand.  

Next steps include a revision phase + additional concepts to extend the single logo into your full Brand. Your Brand is a family of cohesive graphic elements developed for print and digital display, made up of a variety of formats that work for everything from an abbreviated icon (social media) to print-ready marketing collateral such as company brochures. 

Finalized deliverables include an extensive library of file formats for your new Brand Identity as well as a Brand Design Guide to showcase your new color palette, typography, printed collateral and more.


Each project is based on a custom quote for every client. As a major component of marketing applied to any type of industry you could imagine, there is no one size fits all package. The introduction phase of our correspondence will enable communication to ensure we’re on the same page and able to agree on a project that fits your needs & budget.

Client investments average $4k and fluctuate both directions to meet required objectives and long-term goals.

My priority is to ensure you 100% satisfaction and will do everything possible to ensure you feel you made the right decision to hire Kate Miller Design. 

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