logo sketch - Crosscut Warming Hut No. 5

Having a clean and simple platform for customers to access Crosscut’s general info, location, beer/beverage menu, onsite mobile chefs and entertainment announcements would only benefit our success. I feel we’ll need to clearly send our company message before we open and moving forward! Hopefully you can develop a simple and easily manageable website to provide weekly updates and general info that will be cost effective and meet our start up budget.

campfire illustration - Crosscut Warming Hut No. 5

I’m very excited and recognize how well you’ve aligned with my vision to bring Crosscut alive!

I want to express how pleased I am with your abilities, professionalism and understanding to capture my needs to develop Crosscut’s image. I feel you have successfully created the foundation I was seeking to develop the perfect branding for Warming Hut No. 5, and to each future location in the coming years.

~Bob Libby
Crosscut – Warming Hut No. 5

541 / 390-5853

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Bend, Oregon