Integrating Kate Miller Design within the development of your business – whether that happens on day one or day 1,001, ensures that you have an established marketing package as well as an as-needed Design Consultant. In addition, you have a resource that can either identify intuitive processes to help you implement your marketing efforts, or connect to provide the service for you. No matter the size of your design needs, timeline, or budget—these are all aspects of what I offer and work to deliver. Ensuring the success of your business is what I rely on to ensure the success of mine.                               

Beyond digital displays...

I call Bend, Oregon home along with my husband, Tyler & son, Evan. Working freelance pretty much since elementary school, I launched my full-time business officially in 2007. As a family we take advantage of every opportunity to hit the trails—mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding, and spend any time between supporting our local breweries. If I’m not working, then I’m likely planning the next best road trip and excuse to get outside!

tips + tricks

Freelance design suriving the slow times

Slow Times

As a Freelance Designer for more than 15 years, I’d like to share some tips for managing time between clients & design projects. The long

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Evernote: Review

I’d like to share one of my all-time favorite app resources, go-to utilities, and something that I take full advantage of every single day: Evernote.

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