Those Natural Things


Kathleen Robbins
"First of all Wow. You are a genius at what you do and I'm just so impressed with your creativity and ability to translate what I am saying into pure art.
Thank you so much. I feel so appreciative to have found you!”
Kathleen Robbins established Those Natural Things as an online hub to offer Mind + Body Wellness resources. From workshops & retreats, to resources through an online subscription, her focus is to unlock every woman’s potential so that we can all live out this “One. Precious. Life.”

Kat came to me with an interest to elevate and expand on her potential to connect with a unique group of women. She was looking for approachable design that caught the attention of her demographic and utilized a visual appeal that could speak on a level she was passionate about ~ mind + body wellness.
Our collaboration included a project to create a unique Logo / Brand Identity and Website Design + Development.

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Bend, Oregon