A Shot of Beauty


A Shot of Beauty is a new business located in Bend, Oregon. The focus is feminine-based design driven, by a mission to redefine natural beauty.

“Our focus is on the beauty that already exists within each of us. By utilizing resources that enhance our body’s ability to boost collagen, we allow women to age gracefully & naturally. Our warm and inviting  environment is designed to make each client feel comfortable and secure. With our top of the line treatments and services, we strive to help our clients achieve their desired results and look forward to welcoming them to A Shot of Beauty.”

❤️ Kate I absolutely LOVE everything you did to help me with my brand! I get compliments everyday. I can’t wait to see what becomes of A Shot of Beauty and our next project as my business grows.

Andrew Westfall, RN

A Shot of Beauty

541 / 390-5853

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Bend, Oregon