Dawn Newton


This project was a “phase two” evolution for Dawn Newton. We worked together in the past to develop brand + website design for both her Real Estate business, Remington Real Estate, as well as her radio personality, Dawn Newton.

In 2022, Dawn approached me with an interest to revamp her marketing & online presence with an all-in approach that connected her Dawn Newton + Real Estate worlds. Much of our focus was based on her presentation style and what exactly it would look like to acknowledge & overlap two seemingly unrelated areas of focus.

Style and color palette updates along with recognition that Dawn, herself is a vital connection to this endeavor–helped us redefine her Logo / Brand Identity as well as a newly designed online presence.

Kate is AH-MAZING!
I’m so grateful for your talents, guidance, vision…you translate our vision into next level reality. Thank YOU!!!

Dawn Newton

Dawn Newton

541 / 390-5853

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Bend, Oregon