We would absolutely love to work with you for logo design and branding!!  Yes, the cohesiveness of design to divide among different parts for labeling, etc. seems like the right direction to further our brand in the future.  We will launch with 4 flavors and they are all energy balls. Our core customer is someone health minded, ingredient savvy, looking for products that aren’t overly processed, might have specific nutritional needs and is lacking time in creating whole food meals and snacks. We did discuss colors a bit before I believe and thinking we’d like it, if you could incorporate more natural colors and tones; browns, greens, blues, white and yellows to be printed on craft paper and/or white labels. Some of the adjectives that appeal to us for our brand: Clean, Natural, Playful, Adventurous, Wholesome and Modern.

Loooove this new look!  I’m right there with you on the round “ball” shape continuing throughout. So impressive (per usual)!