Evernote: Review

I’d like to share one of my all-time favorite app resources, go-to utilities, and something that I take full advantage of every single day: Evernote.

I have been an Evernote member since 2011… wow, I just realized that is a REALLY long time. So I guess pay attention, because I must surely know what I’m talking about. My current member status is “Plus” which is an annual payment of $34.99. There is a higher, more expensive option but for my purposes I’ve found this level to be plenty.

Evernote is defined as the “The best note taking app.”, and I agree. I’m a huge note taker, list maker, and to-do check-offer and that may be good to recognize in advance… if that’s not your thing you may want to move on and stop reading now.

If you’re still here, let me now share how I use Evernote. I currently have about 5,000+ Notes and those notes are organized into Notebooks. Notebooks are categories (for me) based on: 

  • Business – current clients, past clients, personal administration details, internet tips & tricks
  • Personal – family, house, cooking, medical info., hobbies
  • Travel – upcoming trips, past trips, trip ideas, event details 

Notes are utilized to save text, images, screenshots, paperclip attachments to files stored on my computer ~ you name it. Once a part of my Evernote I can access the notes and notebooks anywhere I have internet access. There is a corresponding app with responsive display for both my iPhone and iPad. There are even features that I take advantage of such as password protection and link sharing.


Cutting to the chase, Evenote integrates with your web browser in a way that allows you to capture websites: copy everything from full page articles to screenshots, to url bookmarks. This is a super savvy way to save online recipes (one of my favs: https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/), tutorial resources on YouTube, business tips found through various news articles …anything online!

The best feature: Evernote is a cloud-based app. My #1 use for this incredible tool is to document and save email correspondence. I don’t care who you talk to, but I can speak from extensive personal experience – your email inbox is not the same as a hard drive backup. All it takes is a simple copy / paste from one received email to the next one I send, and I’m able to save an archive that can be cataloged, searched and saved for all eternity; well as long as I continue my account with Evernote.

If you’re anything like me, I consider my email connection equally crucial to my business as I do my phone. Each day I can confidently open my email client, hit ‘Send & Receive’ knowing that what I saw yesterday will re-appear. If for some reason it doesn’t… I know where to look.

Can you say the same? Beyond email and for the price, it’s all around a very useful utility that I highly recommend!

Click here: Evernote.